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I used to dread Father’s Day

Are you like me?

Yesterday was Father’s Day and it took me back to when I was trusting God for children.

I used to dread Father’s day and Mother’s day celebrations. In church, they would ask mothers or fathers to stand up for recognition and give them gifts, as well as pray for them.

It hurt me so badly… I wondered if people knew what those who are trying to conceive / have children go through when such days come around.

Unfortunately, people do not recognize your efforts or attempts. They recognize results. Isn’t it skewed?

I bet you have tried and tried so much to have this much desired baby. Can someone NOT recognize your efforts?

This is why I salute you. For trying your best, giving it your best shots.

Thank you
for the pool of tears
the plenty injections
the hours of prayers
the days of fasting
many confessions
many medicines
the plenty aches in your heart
and the itching arms to carry a baby

Thank you
for the plenty diapers you’ve changed for children that are not yours
the many baby sitting sessions
the gifts for those who are celebrating
the money spent on hairdo and make up and dresses just to celebrate with another person who has a baby shower or dedication

Thank you
for the bold face
the brave smile
the its okays when you don’t get invited for baby events
for being the strong person you are

NOW, lets flip the table.

It is your TURN to get celebrated

Let me work with you in achieving victory

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It is your time for celebration.



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