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My surrogacy experience – a side of God I never imagined.

When I was a waiting mom, I struggled with Gods will for me concerning having children.

I so much wanted to get pregnant and have my babies. I made several prayers, went for deliverance in my church and stood on Gods words. I stretched my faith… some even queried if I had faith. But that’s another story for another day.

Little did I know that He had other plans for me.

It was a long journey. The road was lonely for most of the part. Even when you have the most understanding of all spouses, you’ll still walk the road alone at some point. It was great having God on my side, encouraging my steps in faith.

Several times, He was silent and only led through His words. Sometimes, He spoke His Rhema . His rod and staff comforted.

Days of “dont ask me again”
Days of “am I still God to you, even if I dont give you children?”
Days of “when you’re ready, I am ready”
Days of “I dont start what I have not finished”.

He allowed me go through the storm He prepared for me. Yes He prepared it. For of Him, and through Him and to Him be all things, to whom be glory forever.

My surrogacy experience showed me a side of God I never imagined.

That the Almighty God will visit me by His Spirit and breathe life on my 3rd IVF cycle is still a mystery. I stand in awe till date.

June 22, 2011 I was in hospital for my 3rd ovum pick up procedure. His spirit descended on that ivf theater and everywhere became dark. I was under anesthesia but experienced that spiritual moment.

Like He did in Genesis 1, His spirit began to brood over the face of the deep and rested in that room. And He began to communicate with my spirit. Then He spoke to me. Clearly. Expressly. I heard Him.”this time, you shall be successful ” He told me two more things as well.

And it came to pass. All came to pass.

Folks, going through surrogacy showed me a side of God I never imagined as a person of faith.

I am persuaded that when you start your journey in faith, even when you stumble, He will take it upon Himself to pick you up.

The demonstration of your faith may not be what others think faith should be but hey, so was the death of Jesus.

Show me your faith through your works.

Assisted Conception is a gift from God. He is the only one that releases life. Satan is not a life giving spirit.

Embrace medical help. It is okay to do so.

(C) Toyin Lolu-Ogunmade

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