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Toyin Lolu-Ogunmade, weaponizes her surrogacy story to aid intending parents

Toyin Lolu-Ogunmade, CEO, Precious Conception, had an initial encounter with uterine fibroids and tumours for six years. Unable to conceive, she went through a myomectomy to remove the fibroids but sadly, developed post-surgery complications. She had severe Asherman Syndrome and would only be able to bear children through surrogacy. After 13 years and three IVF surrogacy cycles, she gave birth to a beautiful set of twins, a girl and a boy.

Toyin got trained as a fertility counsellor in the Indian hospital where she was helped. She returned to Nigeria in 2012 to set up Precious Conceptions as the country’s foremost and one-stop fertility management consultancy; which provides fertility solutions and treatment options, counselling, training, and family support that guarantees a fruitful and wholesome journey to happy parenthood. The fertility consult helps to ease off the emotional stress of spouses and family members, particularly in the African clime where myths, stigmatization, taboos, and polygamy are rife with heavy blames on the women folks, who are at the risk of being replaced by new wives.

With a burning desire to demystify infertility and reducing stigmatization attached to surrogacy, Toyin began Precious Conceptions in her family living room, initially as a support group for women struggling to have a normal conception. Now evolved into a significant fertility management consultancy, the firm conducts seminars, webinars, hangout sessions, educating on and demystifying infertility and anchoring online conception boot camp where couples are mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared for parenting.

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