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About the Author

About the Author

‘Toyin (a.k.a.Ty/ Fragrance) is a proud mom through surrogacy. Her twins were born in the 13th year of her marriage through the help of a generous Indian Surrogate mother.

Her struggle with infertility led her to starting Precious Conceptions, Nigeria’s foremost Holistic Family Building Consultancy. Her passion is to help intending parents improve and maximize their conception chances, so they can have at least one baby. Her vision is for One Million Babies to be born across different homes, globally through her work.

Prior to starting Precious Conceptions, ‘Toyin spent 20 years as a HR specialist serving across Oil and Gas, Trading and Insurance Sectors

Since she came public with her Surrogacy story in 2014, she has been featured in documentaries and interviews by reputable media agencies including the BBC Network, AFP/Getty Images, Ebony Life TV, TVC , Plus TV Africa, Kaftan TV and the Punch Newspapers.

In commemoration of the International Women’s Day 2020, she was recognized by Leading Ladies Africa as one of Nigeria’s 100 Most Inspiring Women for Year 2020.

She was also recipient, MTN Foundation /MDG Global Compassionate Prize Award for the Year 2020

Over 50 babies have been born through her work in Precious Conceptions, some of which were born through successful surrogacy arrangements in Nigeria, with many more ongoing pregnancies.




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