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Assisted Conception

So you want to be a Surrogate Mother/Egg Donor/Sperm Donor?   Wow, what an amazing person you are – one of a kind, generous person whose desire is to help another family become parents.

Either you are signing up to be a Surrogate Mother or a Donor, you will find this experience challenging, demanding, yet rewarding and fulfilling. Our promise to you is to make this worth your while every step of the way.

We walk with you from the very first moments you get in touch with us, all the way!

We give you all the education, counseling, and support to make your journey beautiful.

Our screening process is vigorous, intense and engaging. We want to make sure you are matched with the most suitable family so that all parties are fulfilled.  It is not just about the compensation you will receive in appreciation of your valued time and contribution, it is about giving a lifetime gift to someone who needs it.

Steps to becoming a Surrogate / donor

Step 1 - Enrollment, Assessment & Selection

  1. You apply online first, and we screen your application. You will have access to educational materials that will explain the process to you so you know what you are signing up for.
  2. We shortlist and invite you for a face to face interview
  3. Once you are successful at the interview, you will be wait- listed.
  4. You shall advance to our medical and psychological screening stage once we get a request from a likely match. Medical screening shall include screening for infectious and sexually transmitted diseases, fertility profile and other compatibility markers.
  5. If you are matched with a family, you shall be contacted and advanced to stage 2


Note: only 20% of our candidates make it to this point.

Are you ready to be a prestigious Fertility Companion?

Are you ready to be a prestigious Fertility Companion?

Step 2 - Documentation & Training

  1. Once you have been successfully matched with a commissioning couple, you will have to go through the Legal paper work and sign all appropriate contracts.
  2. You will also be taken through the process and procedure required of your specific program.
  3. Our program coordinator shall ensure you understand the process and what is required by all parties and where possible, shall accompany you to your initial appointments at the Fertility Clinic so you are familiar with the process.
  4. Your cycle shall take place usually within 2 months of matching

Step 3 - Your Treatment

  1. If you are an ovum donor your treatment shall, most likely, last for a month. Click here for more details
  2. If you are a surrogate mother candidate, please click here for more details.

Step 4 - Your Compensation

Although the gift of a baby is priceless, the compensation you receive at Precious Conceptions is one of the best in the country! This is because we value your time, effort, commitment and contribution towards bringing hope to another family



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