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Meet Toyin Lolu Ogunmade

Toyin Lolu-Ogunmade

Priceless & Precious

Hello, I am Toyin (Ty) and this is my story.

When I got married in August 1999, I had no idea it would take us 13 years to become parents. Initially, I did not want to have children immediately after marriage so we planned to delay conception for 12 months. In 2000 August, we began to try for a baby.

2 months down the line, I was diagnosed with fibroids and for 6 years, this was my nightmare. I was always in pain and during my periods, had very heavy bleeding episodes. They were 6 years of constant pain.

On February 22, 2006 I went in for myomectomy to remove fibroids, 22 fibroid tumors were excised but I developed a post surgery complication which was not properly managed. We tried conceiving naturally but we failed each time.

Then, in year 2009 we got devastating news. I had developed severe adhesions in my uterus as a result of the post surgery complication.

After three back to back corrective surgeries between April 2009 & June 2010 it was medically and surgically concluded that I could only become a mother through gestational surrogacy.  I would never be able to carry a pregnancy, or give birth to a child. Diagnosis – severe Asherman’s Syndrome.

We went through IVF Surrogacy in India and the first two fresh cycles failed. Then my wonderful doctor introduced me to a concept which became the turn-around point of my treatment.  I went through a personal Boot Camp. For several months, I went through rigorous adjustments and preparation for motherhood.

At the third fresh cycle, our surrogate mother became pregnant and we welcomed our beautiful twins 8 months later. We call our daughter Priceless and our son Precious

At the height of the struggle in 2010, a vision was conceived in my heart and after the birth of our twins in 2012, I found a compelling need to share our story and experience with infertility so as to encourage and guide those who are still on the journey.

From our private sitting room, I started a mini support group where I shared experiences with other couples, encouraging them to press on. Thereafter, I shared our story on television and live radio and Precious Conceptions was borne.

From our humble beginning informally in 2010, right on the clinic bed, we have been able to help several families achieve their desires and our babies keep growing!

My desire is that Precious Conceptions shall be to you, what was lacking for me – a bridge to make your journey faster and easier.



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