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Before you engage a surrogate mother, get this freebie

Safe Surrogacy First Steps is a carefully put together document, which tells you the very important things you have to do before hiring a surrogate mother, either directly or through an agency.

When you are faced with surrogacy, chances are you do not know how to start, or what you have to do to ensure process safety. This FREE document tells you the basic things you need to do in 5 minutes.

My name is Toyin Lolu-Ogunmade and I am a proud mom of twins through surrogacy. I am also CEO Precious Conceptions, Nigeria’s foremost holistic family building consultancy. I help intending parents achieve their dreams of having their own babies.

Since I began Precious Conceptions almost seven years ago, I have helped several families successfully go through surrogacy.

This freebie comes from a place of personal experience, as well as years of working with intending parents who are now parents of children born through surrogacy.



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