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When your mistakes fit into the divine purpose of God

When your mistakes fit into the divine purpose of God

I forgot the story isn’t really about me… its about how the Almighty God brought about the blessings of children into my life

God knew my daughter was going to doodle on a book I was about to package and sell

It was part of His plan

I was upset at her doodle, cos I thought I lost money on the book

But my fantastic tribe of Women opened my eyes to see….

And I saw

Indeed it was God’s will

The blessing of God have added their blessings to Mom At Last

We’ve come a full circle

I shared my experience
My husband shared his
The miracle twins have added their blessing

Never has it happened that the miracles write part of the story, the story about their beautiful conception through surrogacy

My beautiful twins have added their blessings and prayers to this book. MOM At Last Book is finally complete

If you are a Mom to be hear me:

A special grace follows this book. Every eye that sees it, every hand that touches it is blessed

And wombs shall be opened. More miracle babies shall follow

And the testimonials shall run over

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Please, I beg you, if you know anyone trying to conceive, sow a seed of this book into their lives. And see God’s hands move mightily

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He is a good God, iTestify!



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