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Egg/Ovum Donor Program

An ovum donor or simply an egg donor, is a young lady age 21-30 years who voluntarily agrees to donate her eggs to another couple with the purpose of helping them achieve pregnancy. Because egg donors are usually younger than the intending mother, chances of conception are higher and achieving a pregnancy is higher. 

Who needs an egg donor?

  1. An Intending mother who is advanced in age and no longer ovulating (preferably less than age 55)
  2. An intending mother who has suffered an ovarian damage or premature ovarian failure
  3. An intending mother with a serious health condition that could be genetically transferred to her child e.g. sickle cell disease, genetic disorders, mental disorders, etc
  4. An intending mother undergoing medical treatment that endanger her genetic make-up e.g cancer treatment
  5. An intending mother who has had repeated failure at assisted conception
  6. A mature single intending father

Benefits of having an egg donor

Despite the fact that the baby from this program would not be genetically linked to you, you would have the joy of experiencing a pregnancy, carrying the pregnancy to term, enjoying the beautiful moments and giving birth to your baby.

Other benefits include the ability to deliberately choose your baby’s genetical source to the best of your ability. You have a say in the choice of donor used under the comfort of total and complete anonymity.

You shall be matched with your donor based on your blood group, genotype, physical similarities, social, educational, family and vocational backgrounds as well as review their fertility and previous donation records where they are repeat donors with our organization.

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