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About Mom At Last


Mom At Last took 10 years to write and publish. It details the author’s 13 year journey from a virgin bride to a mom. It captures the pain, anguish, despair and heartache of an intending parent, whose hope of ever carrying her own baby was dashed after a fibroid surgery went bad.

This book is a stunning masterpiece that blends emotions with prayers, faith and the miracle of surrogacy.

It was written to enlighten couples about infertility, captures the essence of counseling, proffers different solutions that are available and details how to navigate the waters of surrogacy

What You Get From Mom At Last

  • Over 100 nuggets of wisdom on what and what not to do
  • Assisted Conception Options
  • My surrogacy experience 
  • Things I did to win the infertility battle
  • Choosing a surrogate mother
  • Infertility and Faith
  • Counsel for intending parents
  • Reversing PCOS and lots more!



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