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In Nigeria and indeed Africa, infertility and delayed conception are somewhat looked upon as a taboo and as such, if you are unable to have a child, particularly as a woman, there is a lot of shame, embarrassment, spirituality and stigma attached to it.

As such, women are often pressured and blamed, and are not able to speak up and get the much desired help on time. Despite a lot of advancement in science and the Assisted Reproductive Technologies, the myths surrounding infertility are yet to be totally debunked.

We also have a growing population of young women who choose to delay conception in order to advance in their education and careers whilst some have late marriages for so many reasons.

If you have not been able to have a baby after a year of actively trying (for women are less than 35 years) or after six months (for women older than 35 years), we know that you will need information and guidance and help on how you can achieve your dreams and we are here to walk with you on this most significant journey you would most likely ever embark on.

There is thus, a huge need for education, awareness, counseling and guide and we have stepped up to fill this vacuum.

If you are in any of these situations, you are not alone and you need not be ashamed, confused or helpless.

We can help!

People spend years planning and working on careers, businesses, finances and investments; let us work with you in building or growing your family, your most valuable treasure!



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