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5 Untruths that can stop you from having a baby through IVF

Over the past few weeks, I have again been asked questions by prospective clients and in some cases, their loved ones who call for enquiries. The first time I heard these type of questions and beliefs were about 10 years ago when I began to create awareness in Nigeria about infertility management and teach fertility education via my whatsapp platform, FertilityFridaysWithTy

These questions made me realize there are still quite a huge number of people who, because of their limited information, have embraced myths and limiting beliefs, and have delayed their acceptance of assisted conception treatments / procedures , especially IVF, which could help them become parents.

I shall address some of these quickly:

1.       IVF babies are conceived in test tubes

IVF babies are 100% normal and like every other baby conceived.  The word IVF means IN VITRO FERTILIZATION which means fertilization that happens outside the woman’s body.  Traditionally, pregnancy happens when an egg – released from the ovary of the woman during ovulation – is fertilized by the sperm from the man inside the woman’s body, after sexual intercourse. This is called In VIVO fertilization.

However, in IVF, this fertilization happens in a controlled environment in a laboratory, outside the woman’s body, hence the word In Vitro Fertilization. This fertilization takes place in petri dish in the laboratory in medium similar to what is obtainable in the woman’s body. The petri dish makes it easier for the embryologists to select best possible eggs and sperms, and help with the fertilization process, and also helps them watch the growth and quality of the embryos before they are transferred into the woman’s prepared uterus (womb)

The very first IVF baby is Louis Brown and the dish that held her embryo looks like a giant beaker.

2.       IVF babies are not normal as they develop autism and other diseases more than other children

IVF pregnancies and babies are 100% normal. The pregnancy period is just like every other spontaneous conception. The only difference is that the mother will have hormonal support for about 11 weeks of the gestational period after which the hormones in her body will take over naturally.  Women who conceive spontaneously themselves sometimes often need these hormones when their bodies are deficient in their production.

There is no evidence of IVF babies being more disposed to autism or genetic diseases

3.       IVF means you are assisting God and therefore in sin when you have the treatment

IVF is an Assisted Reproduction Technique. Just like you wear glasses to assist your vision, or go through cataract surgery to repair cloudy lenses so you can see again, and hearing aids for hearing, just as you get on a plane to cut short your travel time, and use the telephone to connect with others, just as you use an amplifier to make your sound more audible and well projected rather than screaming, IVF helps you have a baby. If technology has placed man on the moon, technology can help put a baby in your womb

4.       Children born through IVF can’t achieve pregnancy naturally except through IVF

A classics example I shall use is the first baby born through IVF in 1978, Ms Louise Brown.  Louise is married and has children of her own. She didn’t require IVF to have those children. Several other IVF children have gone on to have their own children as well.

IVF treatment is not genetically transmitted. Some women who have had IVF for a pregnancy have even gone on to have spontaneous pregnancies thereafter.

5.       I can have babies at any age

Unfortunately, time does not wait for anyone, either male or female. The quality of the woman’s egg reduces on a yearly basis and the quantity on a monthly basis.  By the time she hits age 37, it is a struggle to get pregnant quickly and by age 42years, she’s almost completely lost ability to use her own eggs for a pregnancy. A lot of the women who speak with me have erroneously believed they could still use their eggs even at age 50, just because they still have a period. Sadly, it is not so.

For the men, the quality of their sperm is also affected by age.

Lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking of alcohol, use of recreational drugs, exposure to harmful substances, chemicals, heat and of course, obesity have long lasting, and often , irreversible effects on the quality of the sperms and eggs.

When trying to conceive, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get enough quality information so you can take informed decisions quickly enough. The earlier you embrace treatment, the faster it is for you to achieve success and have your much desired baby

My job as a Fertility Coach and counselor is to help you clear all your doubts, arm you with facts and correct, relevant information, guide you towards making the right decisions and handhold you till you achieve your desires.

I can be reached on +2347088080339 and toyin@preciousconceptions.com

Toyin Lolu-Ogunmade

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